Companies are increasingly looking for solutions to be constantly visible to their target audience. Talking about oneself through photos and videos is essential for people and today it is also essential for companies. Creating video stories that can excite and at the same time offer the opportunity to empathize and build a circle of trust is the basis of a good brand. This is the motivation that drives many companies to create stories that allow them to communicate the true meaning of their brand.


The video stories must represent the company in a unique way to create an image that is distinctive in the minds of potential customers, but above all also use a copy that is unforgettable and that can leave its mark. It is possible to create a video story conceived from a different point of view or with a narrative technique not usually used, without perhaps neglecting a possible shooting of the particular video.


The brand wants to transmit an ideal of life, order and discipline: the design wants to represent a skyscraper, the result of a commitment to grow according to good rules and customs.

Edificio per uffici moderno


The brand wants to transmit the importance of the Egyptian god Horus: son of Isis and Osiris, it symbolizes the balance of the natural world; it represented the lord of prophecy, music, art and beauty and it was identified as the eye of a hawk. Later it was recognized as a symbol of nobility, archetype of the pharaohs.