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The United States has an area slightly smaller than that of neighboring Canada and is the third largest country on the planet, with Alaska and Texas making up almost 1/4 of the total area.


The territory is divided into 8 main regions, which in turn have other local subdivisions; these are the Laurentian Plateau, which develops more in Canada and then extends into the United States in the Lake Superior area; the Atlantic Plains, ranging from the north-east of the country to Texas, the Gulf of Mexico and the homonymous nation; the Appalachian Mountains, a mountain range parallel to the Atlantic coast that also touches Canada, almost 2,500 kilometers long and with a modest maximum elevation of just over 2,000 meters; the Inner Plains which occupy a large part of the central section of the country and which belong to the Mississippi-Missouri river basin; the Inner Highlands corresponding to the area between the previous region and the Atlantic plains, which sees the presence of mountains always of mediocre height, such as the Appalachians; the mountain range of the Rocky Mountains, which cut the country in two crossing it from north to south and also extend beyond the borders in Canada and Mexico, with the main peaks exceeding 4,000 meters on several occasions; the Pianoro Pedemontano close to the Rocky Mountains to the west, in which mountain ranges fragmented by different plateaus alternate and finally the Coastal Mountain Ranges close to the Pacific Ocean, which starting from central Mexico reach Alaska, where they reach considerable heights, close to 6,000 meters.


The climate is quite varied, in Alaska it is sub-polar in the central and northern area and cold oceanic in the southern one; the Pacific coast has a temperate oceanic climate, with identified in the winter period and gradually minor ones proceeding southwards, where the summer drought is accentuated, which becomes annual in the interior with some areas that take on typically desert characteristics; the central area of ​​the United States, on the other hand, has a continental climate north of the 40th parallel, with considerable temperature variations and subtropical variations in the south, in both cases the notes regime is constant throughout the year; finally, the Atlantic coast has an oceanic climate and temperatures that can reach quite high extremes both in the minimum and in the maximum due to the absence of large mountain barriers; the southern tip of Florida and Hawaii, on the other hand, have tropical characteristics.


The United States of America is the most visited country in the world, thanks to about 75 million tourists every year, attracted both by the modernity of the cities and by the beauty and variety of the landscapes.

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"In the American temperament there is a quality, called resiliency, which embraces the concepts of elasticity, rebound, resource and good humor. A girl loses her patrimony, without being commensurate, she will start washing dishes and making hats. A student will not feel debased by working a few hours in a garage or a café. I saw America at the end of the Hoover presidency, in one of the most tragic hours in its history, when all the banks had shut down and economic life was at a standstill. Anguish gripped hearts, but happiness and confidence shone in everyone's faces. Listening to the phrases they exchanged one would have said that it was all a huge joke. And if some financier threw itself out the window, I can't help believing it did so in the deceptive hope of bouncing back ”- Paul Claudel.


The book aims to describe the concept of resilience, a concept that indicates the ability to deal positively with difficult events, to positively reorganize one's life in the face of difficulties, to rebuild oneself while remaining sensitive to the positive opportunities that life offers, without alienating one's own identity. The story tells about a boy who will find himself managing a reality that he could not expect or predict, thanks to the resilience he has shown in various complex and difficult life situations.