La firma di un contratto


La firma di un contratto


Licensing means the commercialization of licenses with which the licensor grants the licensee the right to use a patent, a trademark, a certain know-how or a fundamental element for the production and / or the marketing of a product or service.

This form of partnership, due to the benefits it entails, has had a great development at an international level (International Marketing). For the company that grants the license, the license agreement is a means of extending the use of intellectual property, penetrating a new market without having to make direct investments in production plants and distribution networks. For the licensee, that is, for those who use the license in their own country, it means being able to enter a new business quickly and with modest risks.

If, on the one hand, licensing allows rapid entry into new markets without having to sustain entry costs, on the other, it requires the company to undergo considerable research and development dynamics and constant attention to innovation. With the granting of licenses, in fact, the company disseminates know-how and therefore runs the risk that the licensee will acquire knowledge such as to become a competitor when the contract comes to end. Therefore, if the company does not want to be reached by licensee companies, it must maintain a constant development gap. In addition, the licensor also runs the risk that the licensee's behavior could damage the brand image or the reputation of the company, in the event that the licensee does not meet certain quality or reliability standards.


FCO  want to share a "Brand Extension" with owners of companies who are interested in expanding their business.

In the Licensee's perspective, the licensing agreement represents an effective alternative to overcome the barriers to entry in the sector / market of reference and the risk perceived by consumers on a functional and psycho-social level. It is known that overcoming these barriers implies high (and risky) investments in marketing, which are essential to achieve adequate levels of reputation, image and distribution coverage. The use of the FCO "brands" acts as an attraction factor for intermediate and final demand: this allows to achieve, with limited investments, a high level of notoriety in the sector in which business owners operate effectively and immediately. The expected "utility function" consists in increasing National and International competitiveness: the latter makes "Exports" more competitive.

The collaboration begins with subscription of a Trademark license agreement, through which the licensee will be able to start his business or increase it using advantage and popularity of the Trademark licensed on the products / services offered.



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Il contratto

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currently, the FC brand is managed by the licensing agency brandoasi

Do you have distribution but can't find the right brand? Whether you are looking for a new market for your products or you are looking for an intellectual property that can improve them, Brand Oasi works for this.

We work with internationally renowned brands in the most widespread sectors: from fashion to sport, from events to entertainment, from emerging proposals to brands belonging to the Italian heritage.

Our goal is to help the licensee to create a new business so as to create an ongoing collaboration relationship. The licensee's satisfaction with the proposed brand is therefore our greatest interest.


If you are looking for a brand you are in the right place!

The agency acts as an intermediary with the function of supporting investment decisions for new business opportunities.

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