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Fabio Conte, a very practical and precise person, was born in Aprilia in 18/10/1989. He graduated the Computer Science Maturity in 2008. Subsequently he enrolled at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Banking, Insurance and Financial Markets in July 2012. He continued and finished his university studies, obtaining a degree in Business Economics in March 2015.

He began work (relating to university studies) immediately after, in May 2015 at the administrative office of a pharmaceutical company.

In June 2018, the development of custom brands begins. The launch of products with own brands takes place in 2019; in 2020 he creates the official website for the sponsorship of "licensing development" of custom brands; in 2021 he launches the website for the sponsorship of marketing activities. In June 2021 he publishes his first book, "The Project Origin". In 2022 he continues with publications in other magazines / books (Pulse Magazine; Kiamarsi Magazine; writers' agenda; universal encyclopedia of writers - X edition).

Fabio is currently a partner in activities belonging to the food & beverage sector and projects concerning environmental sustainability, as well as being the owner of several marketplaces with well-known own brands.



- The Project Origin (novel)



- Technology & Training;

- Civil Rights & Economic Growth;

- Environment & Health;



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In business administration, the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or customer management is linked to the concept of customer base relationship management and customer loyalty. The goal of CRM is to allow companies to stay in contact with their customers on an ongoing basis, through marketing strategies aimed at improving the relationship with the customer. The advantages and benefits of CRM include:

  1. Advanced contact management

  2. Collaboration between teams

  3. Increase in productivity

  4. Advanced sales management

  5. Accurate sales forecasts

  6. Reliable reporting

  7. Improved sales metrics

  8. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

  9. Maximizing Marketing ROI

  10. Advanced products and services

FCO is geared to manage these information flows in the best possible way by realizing an integrated vision to sales, services, marketing - and everyone else teams.

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