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Digital Marketing is the discipline of marketing of products and services that takes place mainly online through websites, web and social channels and e-commerce platforms. It is a branch of the economy that studies the market, the behavior and interaction of users through technologies, tools and digital media. Digital marketing is above all innovation.


The term originates from the digital market (digital market) to which the gerund -ing is added indicating an active participation, by companies, with direct actions on the market for the sale of products or services in order to increase customers and turnover. The digital market is in fact an online space that hosts a type of digital and unconventional advertising communication. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to promote online, on the internet, applying the principles of advertising communication and unconventional marketing. In fact, this discipline:

  • allows continuous improvements and optimizations;

  • result in internet business results gives largely measurable.

Digital Marketing includes many sub-disciplines such as Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, DEM, Social Media Marketing and E-Commerce Marketing and is now considered the fastest growing sector both in terms of turnover and the job positions they generate each year. The constant in communication technologies and the strong penetration of digital activities in business practices create the need for professional figures in online marketing: this is the case of the Digital Marketing Specialist or Digital Marketing Manager.

Access to the opportunities offered by digital, both to relaunch a business and to find a new professional outlet, passes through a training course: there are all types and levels of depth, from courses to digital marketing masters.


In the common sense we speak of Web Agency referring to that activity that deals with implementing and managing digital communication projects or taking care of individual aspects of Digital Marketing based on the needs of the companies involved.

In the English-speaking world, differently than in Italy, we speak more properly of Digital Agency, as the object of the business of these companies involves every aspect of marketing, graphics (design) and the creation of technological products such as the Internet.

Properly, a Digital Agency can be defined as a company that has its business focused on at least part of the following services:

  • Digital Marketing Services: SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content management, Website Creation, E-Commerce Development, Social Media Marketing, Digital Project Management.

  • Graphics and design services: creation of logos, brand identity and advertising communication plans.

  • Technical and creative development of Internet-related technological products, such as mobile App.


"FCO PRIME" is a Marketing service that offers the creation of an advertising web page on the website www.fco-globeportal/fcoprime for the promotion of an event, product or service. The Visibility of the Service will allow interested third parties to contact you and develop your Business.


After acquiring all the information to be reported on the aforementioned page, the web service we are going to create will be used to sponsor your company presentation, your exclusive product or service or the promotion of your event.


According to a value-oriented approach, Marketing is one of the strategic tasks of the bodies of a company and, consequently, it also becomes one of the main objectives of the Owner. Therefore, this Service offers the possibility of sponsorship at low and sustainable costs, with the possibility of cancellation at the end of the first contractual year.


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