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incontro d'affari

FCO Choice is a seal of approval given by FCO on Commercial Partner products / services. In short, FCO Choice, adopting certain criteria, qualifies that product or service as optimal, which responds to what the end customer expects. As a result, it greatly accelerates consumer research, who can quickly rely on FCO Choice's advice and save time in the purchase decision.


The architecture of choice is a method of maintaining consumer sovereignty (the right to choose) and encouraging consumers to make certain choices. This is associated with an idea of ​​liberal paternalism - the combination of respect for freedom / freedom of choice - and encourages certain actions. When consumers buy goods, they are often influenced by factors such as:

  • Default choice: Consumers buy the "simpler" option. Often this is the option they used to purchase. The default choice involves minimizing the cost of choosing and deciding what to buy.

  • Short-Term Advantage: Consumers are more likely to be shortsighted and to choose based on short-term influences.







FCO adopts 5 main factors to formulate FCO Choice:

  • Quality certifications of products/services (with supporting documentation).

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  • Company Results (with supporting documentation).

  • Loyalty capacity of commercial partner (with supporting documentation): the loyalty with which consumers undertake to acquire and a connection with the product / service.

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  • presence of at least one Bestseller in Commercial Partner's product/service portfolio (with supporting documentation): very popular product / service of which a large quantity have been sold.

  • Approach to Sustainability of Commercial Partner (with supporting documentation).

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FCO is preparing to use the correct Due Diligence and maximum transparency in the attribution of the symbol on the products / services of the chosen commercial partner. The points explained above are a control tool. This is done precisely to avoid tactics that are not exactly crystal clear and respectful to obtain the Seal.

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