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The quality of a product depends on how well it matches consumer preference patterns. In 1974 Gilmore, refining the concept, defined it as "the degree to which a specific product satisfies the needs of a specific consumer". For example Broh, in 1982, defined quality as "the degree of excellence at an acceptable price and the control of variability at an acceptable cost." Generally accepted definitions of quality are those provided by the ISO standards: In particular in 1994 the ISO 8402 standard , then superseded, defined quality as "the set of properties and characteristics that give a product, service, process, or organization the ability to satisfy expressed or implicit needs". More briefly, the standard ISO 9000 of 2005 defines it as “the degree to which a set of intrinsic characteristics satisfy the requirements”, largely echoing Crosby's definition of 1979.



It is essential for companies producing products for daily consumption to offer their customers an image of reliability, safety and guarantee of the products made. This need is accompanied by an increasingly marked propensity of consumers to be more informed, aware and demanding in their requests. Quality certifications are voluntary procedures through which independent third-party certification bodies declare that a specific product, process , service or Management System conforms to a specific standard or other regulatory document. Voluntary quality certifications are therefore paths that complement the mandatory requirements and that companies decide to undertake, to provide additional guarantees to their customers on the reliability and quality of the products they make.



Therefore, on the basis of the aforementioned concepts, FCO is oriented to choose its commercial Partners on the basis of the recognized Quality Standards that they adopt, in order to maintain a high level of trust in the products.

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Sustainability is a concept that must be pursued through a long and constant path. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations.
Sustainable development
The United Nations Commission on the Environment and Development (Wced) with the Brundtland report in 1987 defines sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own". It means spurring economic growth that improves the quality of life while respecting the ecosystem. The reference model is that of the circular economy which does not produce unnecessary waste or waste, but which seeks to constantly reuse resources, without exploiting new ones. A model in contrast to the previously dominant linear economy model, based on the exploitation of raw materials destined to become waste.

Sustainability, both environmental and social
Sustainability contains the elements of respect for man (social sustainability) and protection of the environment (environmental sustainability). The consumer is constantly evolving, attentive to social, technological and economic changes. In these years of expansion of the culture of sharing responsibilities, a strong attention has spread to sustainability issues. An involvement that has prompted new industry processes, while environmental issues have become increasingly important in the purchasing processes.
Sustainability is the key for businesses
Environmental and economic sustainability, efficiency and communication, create advantageous opportunities for the company. Sustainability is the key element for:

  • create a solid and credible image;

  • build a healthy business in the long run;

  • access new capital;

  • reduce costs;

  • access new markets;

  • manage risks better;

  • have efficient and satisfied employees;

  • save the planet

In this way, FCO wants to guide investors in the development of positioning strategies according to sustainability.


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