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the BUSINESS presentation importance


The  business presentation represents one of the main forms of communication and builds your image and credibility towards customers.

The form and manner of presentation must be adapted to the character of the message, to the company and above all, to the recipients and circumstances of its receipt. Presentations aimed at a broad spectrum of audiences must include crucial information, photos / graphics and record in the memory of the listener of the content and the most significant data (from your point of view). For this they are fundamental a good flow of information, a short and understandable message and a clear summary. On the other hand, the main feature of business presentation is their effective use of a large amount of content illustrated through graphs.

The tools we use to create presentations should - as always - be appropriate to the character of the presentation itself. And so, widespread business presentation should be created in readily available formats (openable and editable on different platforms) - such as MS PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. This is not recommended use shifts or spectacular animations - they hinder the reception of the actual content and cause many problems in publishing online.

Therefore, the business presentation can take different forms: slides, images, links, social media feeds, video and audio materials, documents and interactive presentation views. The most popular program for creating presentations is Power Point, but there are also other online presentation creators capable of making multimedia presentations.
Three types of online presentations are generally used: Slides (online PowerPoint presentations uploaded to a website), narrated audio presentations (presentation slides with synchronized audio narration) and interactive video presentations (interactive presentations that can be equipped with additional features such as narrator gestures and facial expressions).


  1. Choose the type of online presentation you intend use. You can do it in the simplest way, by creating it with PowerPoint and putting it online; however, using more advanced tools, you will get better effect.

  2. There are many tools available on the market for creation of online multimedia presentations, which guarantee results truly amazing in terms of looks and variety of effects. If you want to stand out from the crowd and amaze yours public, then begin to familiarize yourself with them.

  3. To prepare a good quality presentation (presentation templates, multimedia uploading, adding shapes, frames and icons; import the PowerPoint presentations, ability to add and move slides) is usually sufficient ,free version of any  tools of presentation but to have more options you will have to purchase the Pro version.

  4. In the online presentation, as in all presentations, content and form are the most important elements. The presentation should not be overloaded with information in order to facilitate reading (not filled in the slides pages of text). Slides must include a title; divide the text into smaller parts using sections, paragraphs, underlining the character or using bold in some parts. Apply the less is more rule.

  5. Some tools allow you to add a narrative audio or additional features (such as the possibility to see the speaker's face or gestures)

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"Teamwork divides tasks and multiplies success"

Michael Florence

Character of "The Project Origin"


Doctrine is a Complex of knowledge or principles organically elaborated and arranged, considered as an object of study or as a norm on a theoretical or practical level. In this way, the result of business presentation that FCO aims to obtain involves certain factors:

  1. strengthening of credibility;

  2. brand awareness;

  3. customer involvement;

  4. acquisition of new customers;

  5. loyalty;

  6. increase in web traffic;

  7. increased sales;

  8. leadership creation / strengthening;

  9. fundraising (crowdfounding);

All of these factors produce a leverage effect capable to increasing credibility and consequent visibility. FCO could achieve excellent levels of economy, maximizing marketing efficiency with moderate cost and obtaining greater value over time, in reputational rather than economic terms.


The sharing of information must not lead to the illegal and indiscriminate distribution of "digital content"



the best presentation of 

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Communication and functionality

Packaging is the most important way to create what is called "product identity". In fact, it contains all the useful and significant information and is the first, and sometimes the only, vehicle for its affirmation.

In a market where there are many products, more or less similar (if not even the same), the packaging, the graphics, the brand are called upon to create an identity, an "added" value, a distinctive history to determine belonging and recognizability.


In recent years, the concept of "storytelling", corporate or product, has been introduced to induce belonging, "community" through a story (linked to the product or producer). It must push on simple and strong feelings (fear, happiness, surprise, wonder) and must leverage values ​​and ideals shared or otherwise shared by its target audience.

"Stories" are therefore very important, but behind a good package, as we have seen, there are also many other reasons of a logistic nature, for example try to explore the "emotional" and "practical" elements that compose it.


The "emotional" elements

We can summarize this factor with this sentence: “See a need, package a need”, “see a need, pack a need”. Outside the literal translation we can also say that: "if there is a need, in the society of mass consumption that need must be packaged"; or even that: "there is no need without a package", where needs and packaging must be understood in an indissoluble way, up to the point where it can be the package itself that induces a need.

Of course, as with advertising in general, the design of the package also follows the hierarchy of needs theorized by Abraham Maslow.

In 1954 Maslow presented his study of needs and wants. In psychology, need indicates the lack of one or more elements that make up a person's well-being. He theorized five different levels, from the most elementary (those related to survival) to the most complex (related to personal identity and social role). They are:

  • Physiological needs (ie those related to survival, such as eating, drinking, etc.);

  • Safeguarding needs (which imply a sense of protection and security);

  • Membership needs (such as the affection of another, identification in a group);

  • Needs for consideration (recognition, prestige, esteem, success);

  • Self-realization needs (awareness of oneself through the realization of one's identity and expectations, assuming a significant role within a social group).

If we adopt this pyramid of needs for the package, then we begin to understand the construction of the idea as well. Let's start by saying that the package responds to the scale of needs according to the product it contains.


Physiological needs

The package contains all the information and documentation useful for using the product. For example, if we talk about foodstuffs, in addition to the ingredients, the nutritional values, places and methods of production and also, why not, a series of recipes can be reported.


Safeguard needs

The package must clearly protect the product (i.e. it must effectively protect but also make the sense of protection visible). And this must do so both from the point of view of its integrity, ensuring its conservation and non-deterioration, and creating the conditions to reduce theft or loss.


Needs of belonging

The package must present the brand and the product in such a way that both refer to a larger community of individuals who belong to it for tastes, lifestyles, ideas. This connection between the individual and the community must be explicit and immediate, in order to create a direct link between the product and belonging to the group.


Needs for consideration

The package provides the consumer with the trust, competence, and success that the represented brand transmits, and uses highly emotional methods to get in tune with the user


Self-realization needs

The package transforms the use of a product into "emotional rewards" linked to the brand that is used and its "aura", its history and what it represents. The emotional life that surrounds the brand, through the possession and use by the consumer, becomes an integral part of the latter and forming his identity. Advertising has changed the phrase "I think, therefore I am" to "consumption, therefore I am".





"In the American temperament there is a quality, called resiliency, which embraces the concepts of elasticity, rebound, resource and good humor. A girl loses her patrimony, without being commensurate, she will start washing dishes and making hats. A student will not feel debased by working a few hours in a garage or a café. I saw America at the end of the Hoover presidency, in one of the most tragic hours in its history, when all the banks had shut down and economic life was at a standstill. Anguish gripped hearts, but happiness and confidence shone in everyone's faces. Listening to the phrases they exchanged one would have said that it was all a huge joke. And if some financier threw itself out the window, I can't help believing it did so in the deceptive hope of bouncing back ”- Paul Claudel.


The book aims to describe the concept of resilience, a concept that indicates the ability to deal positively with difficult events, to positively reorganize one's life in the face of difficulties, to rebuild oneself while remaining sensitive to the positive opportunities that life offers, without alienating one's own identity. The story tells about a boy who will find himself managing a reality that he could not expect or predict, thanks to the resilience he has shown in various complex and difficult life situations.